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Liberate Labs Mission.

At Liberate Labs, we empower startups for success. Our mission: high-velocity strategies, data-driven growth, and strategic product traction. Your dedicated team for SaaS elevation.

At Liberate Labs, we understand that early-mid stage startups are working hard to:

– achieve product-market fit
– differentiate amongst competitors
– deliver rapidly with limited runway

Fewer than 13% of startups achieve this. Development is not enough, you need a team of missionaries–not mercenaries. We embed ourself into your existing workflow to understand the business deeply, and work as your dedicated product team of engineers, designers, and product managers.
High-velocity strategies, data-driven growth
Led by Jihad, our CEO and a former Technical Product Leader at Amazon and Whole Foods, we’ve aligned our development approach with best practices in high-velocity feature delivery and scalable architecture.

We focus on the greatest ROI for product development by focusing on reducing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), reducing churn, and maximizing engagement metrics.

All this, while constantly monitoring product funnel metrics to focus on which product levers will have the greatest impact on the business. We provide startups with a clear, data-driven picture of their product health and trajectory.

We don’t just deliver software, we hold ourselves to a higher standard: we deliver traction for SaaS startups with our product strategy and development

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