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Stand Against Violence

Stand Against Violence


Farhana Ahmad, Sumaiya Mahnoor, Sadia Islam

Breaking the Chains of Fear with “Stand Against Violence” App

Imagine yourself walking in a dark alley at midnight. The road is utterly empty, and you’re trying to cross the street as quickly as you can. However, you hear some footsteps behind, approaching towards you. In the developed world, you can simply call “911” and request assistance, but most individuals around the globe lack that privilege, particularly those in developed and underdeveloped countries. In a world where darkness threatens, where personal safety, especially womens can feel like an elusive dream, a hero has emerged – the “Stand Against Violence” app. This isn’t just an app; it’s a shield, a guide, and a source of power against the shadows that lurk in the corners of our lives. This is the story of how Liberate Labs and Stand Against Violence joined forces to create an app that doesn’t just promise safety – it empowers you to become your own protector.

A Call to Arms: The Global Battle Against Assault

Sexual assault, like a relentless storm, has cast its shadow over our world. In response, Stand Against Violence has risen as a beacon of hope, armed with technology that transforms ordinary individuals into fearless defenders.

The Ultimate Arsenal: “Stand Against Violence” App

Imagine an app that doesn’t just promise safety; it embodies it. The “Stand Against Violence” app isn’t a mere application; it’s a lifeline offering:

Crime Heatmap

This feature provides users with a visual representation of crime data in their area. It helps users understand the safety of their surroundings by displaying areas with higher or lower crime rates on a map. Users can make informed decisions about where to go based on this information.


  • Increases awareness: Helps users understand high and low crime areas, enabling them to avoid potentially dangerous places.
  • Promotes safer routes: Encourages users to choose paths with lower crime rates, reducing their exposure to risks.
  • Fosters community engagement: Users can report and share crime-related data, aiding authorities in targeted crime prevention efforts.

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